Silly lovers


1. Dungeon.............................

2. The children of Chernobyl.....

3. The echelon of lovers............

4. Guitarplayer.........................

5. Not this day.........................

6. Song for Laura.....................

7. Silly lovers..........................

8. War....................................












You don't know why she is here at all,

You just wonder when she will go

The reasons were maybe small or tall,

You really do not care at all


They took away your pride and sins,

There was nothing left for you to loose or win

A fall down so hard and deep in a spin,

No escape from the hole that you were in


She came and took a look at you,

But your eyes were shaded and covered with blood

You could not see the colour of the mud

Of the road that was made by God


You turn away from the light that you were in

To hide for her your damaged skin

She walks away in tears

And did not come back all those abandoned years


Nothing to say or tell,

Just go back to your cell

All that matters is that door,

That slam behind you like every day before






Nine o’clock Friday night, The girls were standing

Dressed up in a line

The police cars came, And made their rounds,

Came back slow To hear that sound


We were playing rough, the public screamed,

we were the toughest guys they’d ever seen

The beer was cold, the girls too old, the men

to horny, the club too corny


Some of the wallflowers, had shirts whiter than

white, shone like flashlights into the night

Boots to their hips, breast with eclipse, flaming

red lipsticks, were eating chips


Dancers on the floor, yelling for more, the

reflecting floor, psychedelic war

Beating my guitar, I choose a wonder bar, got

them all in my hand, shaking at my command


I saw you standing there, as if you did not care,

but I could see your eyes, nothing too deny

I had a crush on you, felt the music too, the

notes got in my bones, I could feel the tones


You walked to that guy, but you could see that I,

was looking in your eye, you just wondered why

But then the music blew, the speakers were

brand new, I just knew, I had to go to you


I gave my guitar away, the guy just started to play,

I just walked of stage, and hold you by the waist

We started dancing wild, not soft or mild,

we shook our bodies fast, our dance was the best


The evening was still young, but our courting had begun.  I felt your lovely breast, against my chest

Heaven shook its foundation, the universe creation,

unbound by the time, you were mine












Silly lovers


She might think that we all are her wonders

that pass by in some wintry light

An ocean of delicate little teardrops,

while she just sits there without wonder why

Its her believe that there is nothing behind it,

nothing that can change her mind


The waves of cold December

shaved the clouds out the sky

Her eyes were tender and so shameless,

a silky shade of dancing high

She might think it’s just a melody,

a dazzling motion so divine


A voice sound in the thin spaces,

a dreamer came, sat down to try

And give her the miracles of silly lovers,

some wonders of passion applied

But she turned around to see the others,

who were just passing by








The children of Chernobyl


I can see by your eyes that you are happy to fly

into the space behind the shadows of the clouds

I can see by the shine on your head

you’re not so close to death to act that far out


But the children of Chernobyl

Are sitting behind my own wheel

Having the time of their life

Doubling in one month a year twice


Now I heard Dennis Tito where your money goes

just 20 million dollars up to the stars

And I just wonder Dennis if you know that God

is not waiting for you there in a universe bar


But the children of Chernobyl…


And the priest call the blessings for the death

while the wings of Tito shines above their heads

And a child cries in a silent moment not knowing

that death already takes fifty years ahead


But the children of Chernobyl…








Not this day...


The day awoke in the Middle East,

the targets were prepared

His old clothes were torn and worn,

his children hungry and scared

He stared at his face in a shard of metal,

as if he did not care

Then shook his head,

strapped his explosives and went downstairs


The street was dusty the houses wrecked

all the windows cracked

The tanks riding up and down

the sound of their belts filled the air

he walked through the streets with his head bent

a humble mournful step

At the sight of the bus stop he raised his face,

he did not look back


In the bus he wrung himself to the back

and got oppress

A little girl with long black hair

saw the old mans distress

She stood up took his hand

and with a smile gave him her seat

With one hand on the ignition cord

he mumbled a thankful greet


She smiled again, and told him

that she was on her way to school

And how she learned so much every day

not to be somebody’s fool

Her teacher taught her that love

could be used as a powerful tool

She chatted on and on

as the man looked baffled and confused


In her eyes he saw the future

as a big bowl with people’s pride

Differences blended in love and kindness

to be one huge delight

A web of fresh wires between the souls

of all people worldwide

As emotion grabbed the old mans eyes

the girl took his hand, held him tied


He almost unleashed the cord

that would put her life in darken night

Then he asked her to step of the bus

to take a walk (to school) outside

But she couldn’t and explained to him,

she had to be at school in time

Then he slowly stood up

and gave her a profound smile


Outside the bus he looked backwards

to see where they had part

He saw her smile, her waving hand

and knew what she had thwart

With pain in his heart he walked alone

to an old graveyard

There under a leafless tree

he’d granted a little girl a new start







The echelon of lovers       


Somewhere in the distance a coyote howls

Some one is telling me the goods that he’d found

No one dreams about things here any more

They lost their faith in hazy thoughts

long time before


Time is nothing in the spin of a wheel

It floats as if there will be no end on the reel

I know that you think an ocean carries it all

But do you know how hard a star can fall


A row of visions looking across my mind

Searching for nothing else there’s nothing to find

My flesh and bones they do not really fling

Not as long as sky and stars will do their thing


A row of fools standing in an empty park

Dogs were howling and my thoughts bark

The echelon of lovers all pointing at you

I know the words of love had nothing to do


A circle got broken, the lights went off

No memory outspoken was ever that tough

Several moments went on and off on their way

But none of them were planning to stay


Now visions lost their shape and dissolved in time

The loss of temptation to catch them is mine

See the eyes of a rainbow born in my own sky

Where the light never fade, nor will I





Song for Laura


The way of things that leads us through the way

Is carried by the changes of every day

So many times denied, or taken by

surprise, before you realize


A token of friendship waiting to get born

a child’s hand stretching out for a home

It all stilled in my heart as time took

its way, day after day


Words dancing in cloudy skies

might not have touched your heart,  but I

gave time the chance to take and shake

and that was my mistake


Years went by and by and were denied

while devils fought their own fights

Time took the difference in believe

and pride and shove your love aside


Dancing on a cord of wishful thinking and trust

I left the promised life to give what I must

The devil fled but you did too

as I sat aside the fading moon


What has been created is the truth for you and me

our lives developed so differently

Now sorrow has a place with the love that

never parts, both sheltered in my heart


Walking to the corner of the street I am in

Seeing your reflection in almost everything

A flash of highlight I do not deny what I

feel inside, the dream that never came


A road stretched out between you and me

maybe you will never see

Paved with love and understanding

feelings that are never-ending




Silence is followed by anger, in the fall of a dark new land the worries are real, the victims they fail,

to understand

Cheaters have taken the lead, sowing their own seed

then grows new greed’s where liars are blindfolding real needs

Darkness has covered the windows, inside the hearts grows fear dancers on ice of frozen tears do not want to hear

Guns gathered inside old places, pointing to their own heads who does regret, now the secrets are set to cover the bad

Brightness inside young faces, lifting their eyes to your heart seem to be useless in the heat of the fearless that won’t part

Senses has flown into wasteland, to wash the dirt of young hands love’s been clogged in the silence of the promises of opulence

Farewell beloved ones at home, time has come to leave you alone to fight and to bark against the dark that we created in our heart

Here we stand on the field of glory, singing our songs on command as we kiss the dawn and fire our arms to bleed with the land

Then as death takes its toll and we grand the spectators at home a view of victories foam the bodies glow on the battlefield we hoe

Farewell beloved ones at home, my time has come to die please do cry in a world that lies and kills without knowing why