Final bed


Night had fallen, the words were said

The haunters on their places,

you’re face looked so upset

We diggers grabbed the shovels, no one came along

Wondering what we were doing, what was going on

The lights on the horizon, flashing in the dark

We crossed our fingers, the death mans diggers mark


The sound of howling metal, the worse sound

ever heard Froze our hearts, we didn’t said a word

I grabbed your helmet, placed it on a branch

I do not remember, how many tears I shed

The lightning in the air …, glowing candles of regret

You looked so young and harmful , in your final bed


We’d stumbled through the night, like sinners we

did hide. Searching for a reason, why prayers were denied, slowly darkness faded , we were still awake

Looking at the ashes, from every dumb mistake

No touch of your soldiers’ hand , no smile from your face. Silent is your heart now , in this dreadful place








Somewhere along the line, an idea got hurt

A fantasy of love, friendship that gave birth

But the days are rolling by,

temptations on the road

To say goodbye to the ones,

that left me without a note, (got a get a boat)


A shelter in my thoughts, a dream that complains

Some thoughts of emptiness, without their own name

I do not know why, but laughter left my site

And is bragging somewhere else,

without saying goodbye ( that’s not a lie)


I try to hug my friends, every day again

And love to hear the places that they have been

But when it comes to listen to, that sound of me

They all are going somewhere else,

and do not stay to see …..(What’s up with me)


Now I can roll a dice, and play tricks with cards

But when it comes to deal, with feelings in my heart

It appears my skills are all, out of control

And leave me with emptiness,

a huge pregnant hole, (an empty home)


Come on you fellows, come on and treat them right

Stay with him or her, sometimes a day or night

And listen to the stories as if you really care

Just let that feeling live,

that you are there, (anywhere)




your eyes are tender and your mind is sweet you include the love that I need

you shine so bright  it clarifies my night forever


all that you offer is visible you just hide

nothing at all

your heart’s in front  no harsh words ever


then in the silence of the night my struggling paindeep inside

you take my hand  with tenderness  that matter


and in the morning in summer light i see

your beauty so bright

I can breathe the love we have together


then on my way to another side i long to

see and hold you tight

day and night the distance doesn’t matter


i travel back to reach the sun and touch the

star my only one

You never fade sheltered in my heart  forever










I wonder


When I awake I see you lying there

A curled up little figure

With long black flowing hair

I wonder why you lay there

So peaceful and content

While I’m awake and smoking

Another cigarette


I wonder why you trust me

Even though I said

How much I love you

I know where those words have let

They always lead to tears and pain

To sadness and despair

Always lead to loneliness

Cause someone isn’t there


And I am the biggest culprit

I’d often said goodbye

How can you still trust me?

Can’t you see it in my eyes?

Although I always speak the truth

I’m always telling lies

Although I always speak the truth

I’m always telling lies












Ships sailing far away in the morn

nobody waves to ships at dawn

Those lost disintegrating dreams

splashing in the waves of the sea

it’s not real what I feel


Your face was black in my dream

darker than any night I’d ever seen

You touched the wires, spun in my mind

then torn them apart while love cried

t’ wasn’t real for me that night


I heard whispering voices of evil elf’s

sound like wind touching itself

I lost my skin in abstract decay

by years of sliding the pain away

couldn’t see reality those days


You hung my world on wired delight

and blew my heart in fragments aside

Never I heard such a horrible cry

as life bounced back and I

Couldn’t see my reality died


I smashed empty swollen bags in the rain

to drive civil servants insane

Then took my pencil and decided to aim

to visions of everything with a name

See reality transforming in flames


You left and put me to blame

but first you nailed my soul in a frame

Hung it on a basements chain

and flew away before I could complain

see ...That’s how reality got its fame









Diamands are cold


I don’t want you to know me,

I don’t want you to see

I don’t need no administration,

to know where I be and I love to be here again,

as the wind turns the tide

I shed my tears in my rain, I’ll be fine

I don’t see no miracles, at the end of my day

I don’t hear someone calling me,

there’s no one that stay

Some bothers are false to me, a melody so plain

The hider is walking, with me…again


But the roses are sweet, and telling me what I see

And the diamonds are cold, rolling old in the sea


There’s always some progress, as time rolls by

some moments in the wind,

some treasures in the sky

You told me there was love around,

sometimes I cannot see

my fantasy falls in the dark, as flowers grieve

Tomorrow all will change again, as yesterday before

time become meaningless, as I knock on your door

Here, I’ll give you everything,

that ever was from me

I don’t need it anymore, cause love… is my seed


And the roses are sweet, and telling me what I see

And the diamonds are cold, rolling old in the sea






















Paths of dew


Your eyes are so beautiful my darling,

your heart is where it is,

in the womb of love, we share a kiss

Then in the morning, dawn holds the land tight,

I can flee with you over meadows

where sheep overnight


We will dive in the pool of silver water…

and in your arms I will know… what to do

Not a soul that invade our haven,

no one will see us two

The passion we share …me and you


Your soft tender kisses, make waves on the waterside the land is tired of the night,

as I hold you tight

Hungry light is sneaking , among trees

and ease the path, the earth will be softly

beneath our footsteps


Then as we walk along hand in hand….

we ‘ll dance under singing flying friends…

The day opens the door… the sky be drawn

We’ll share it with the poor… as they come to you


Our words will find a seat, to provide them shelter hands will be open and promises renewed

In the drawing of time, seats our pledge

to each other the days endlessly string together

a meadow of dew


We will find the heart of men and give them words How to cherish the beauty of our world Then I take your hand and walk with you on the paths of dew That’s where I will tell you… I love you